Submit your film to the Norwegian Short Film Festival 2022!

Accepting submissions for International Short Films and Documentaries 2022 December 1st.

Submission guidelines for International Short Films: Fiction and Documentary

Norwegian short film, fiction
Short documentary (Norwegian and international short documentary)
Norwegian music video

Short films should not exceed 35 minutes.
Documentaries are limited to 40 minutes.

The film must have been completed after March 15.
Filmens regissør eller hovedprodusent må være norsk eller bosatt i Norge.
Non-English speaking films must have English subtitles.
Fristen for påmelding er tirsdag 15. mars 2022.

A programming committee appointed by The Norwegian Short Film Festival will make the final selection. All filmmakers will be notified. If selected, we will require a file for cinema projection in Grimstad, preferred format is DCP + H.264 til digital festival. Les mer om visningsformatene her.

Påmeldingsavgift norske kortfilmer kr. 250,-

Submission fee for International Short Film is 150 NOK.

Submissions are accepted only through FilmFreeway. It is free and easy to use. If selected, the information you use to build your film's page is what we will be using, so please make sure you have all the information listed, along with stills and trailer. International Short Films are eligible for two awards: The Golden Chair for Best Documentary Short (Norwegian or International) and The Golden Chair for Best Short Film, Fiction, both of which comes with a 50.000 NOK cash prize.You will have to create a free user profile for your movie, and admit an inspection copy or link to the inspection copy directly. Fill in the page with English reviews (preferably max. 350 characters), technical specifications and information about the director, the film's length, format, year of production, names of all professional functions, as well as high resolution still images and possibly trailer. The review and information you provide is the one we will use if the film is nominated.

The Norwegian Short Film Festival Awards:

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